Who was John Weidner?

cropped-screen-shot-2018-06-15-at-1-11-45-pm.jpgThe son of a Dutch minister, John Weidner (1912-1994) founded the “Dutch-Paris Line” in 1941 to help Jews, downed Allied pilots, and persecuted people escape from Nazi-occupied Europe.  An experienced mountain climber, Weidner personally guided many fleeing Jews down treacherous cliffs in the French-Swiss Alps.  His sister was captured by the Nazis for her work for the Line and died in Ravensbrück concentration camp.  Weidner was also captured several times.  He was tortured and sentenced to the camps but managed to escape.  He continued his rescue work at great risk.  Weidner is honored as one of the Righteous Among the Nations at Israel’s Holocaust Memorial, Yad Vashem.  He was awarded the French Legion of Honor and the United States Medal of Freedom.