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Dutch-Paris Hits The Journals

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Research into the Dutch-Paris story is generating interest among “escape and evasion” and educational organizations.  The following journals will carry articles on Dr. Megan Koreman’s research and her upcoming book Ordinary Heroes: The Dutch-Paris Line in their upcoming editions:

                  De Schakel (published by the Stichting Engelandvaarders, a publication for Dutch civilians who evaded Nazi-occupied Europe
                                    in order to join the Dutch Army)

                  The U.S. Air Force Escape and Evasion Society Communicator (published by AFEES for U.S. Army Airmen Evaders)

                  The WWII Escape Lines Memorial Society Newsletter (published by ELMS for escapers, evaders, and helpers in
                                    European countries)

                  The Journal of Adventist Education

Ordinary Heroes combines recently-released files from European archives with John Weidner’s personal files to provide the first comprehensive, fully-researched description of how a WWII escape line rescued downed Allied airmen and political and religious refugees from Nazi-occupied countries.

It’s author, Megan Koreman, Ph.D., is the author of The Expectation of Justice: France 1944-46.