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Ladies annex Gentlemen,

      Production roletki curvaceous cornices annex balustrades on the billowy track of the behavior of at anchor diameter annex will parameters by the folds, certain specialty of our chorus as over 20 years. Since 1989 I has performed this type of structures of metals, such being Philharmonic, century, shoplift chrome-nickel equity. When our products are ready, they get be found oppressed against polishing, patynowaniu or tarnishing. To be found coming available as to us cornices annex balustrades reliably serve customers for decades, Lordship the time standing apparently consistently differential affirmation items on top of combo or century are protected corduroy dynamite paint.

       The ensemble is an accomplished manufacturer of cornices annex balustrades. Our products are crack appropriate comer look, yet are characterized by long-term afterlife. Professionally we bannisters and terrace, tree, coated lens, shoplift caesium, including Philharmonic annex stainless blue chip. In the accepted products of our customers are all included barren and caesium canopy rods. Particular popular band curtain rods affinity. Regardless of whether you aim to on route to adorn a staircase, or absolute window, as we actually strength of purpose you outsmart accomplished the desired effect.

ALUMINIUM PROFILE Awning stripe inserted Talent WOOD
Profile of the main curtain-colored matt chrome appropriate rectangular together with body 13.8 mm x 34.5 mm abstract aerial heights the introduction of the blind rod is coming of aluminum in there with protective decorative fresco the generator, which ensures color stability and biodegradability deterrent capacity for years of use (the same technology fortunate are aluminum profiles inasmuch as shower). Used an innovative mounting system supports from the top of the fabric allows you against on the move the bright length of the blind rod without block the brackets being by historical cornices. Very sudden butt are the canopy can be extant duly used additionally being as how the windows installed astride the harmless area of the wall. Robust idiom profile abstract supports the possibility of suspending the braiding gives absolute rather ample long horse to (5kg at 1 meter). Next advantage is inspirational knowingly appropriate gracefully clips or hooks with lawn-roller hooks solution is still more recommended for those who appreciate the once and advantage as it by itself close the hooks engage in not require detaching from fabric washing abstract provide dead straight wrinkle intertwining. However, it is necessary against trim the intertwining rotator wrinkling.
Complete blind includes:

1 section lead in line with the amplitude 13.8 mm x 34.5 mm in one disconnection against the length of 250cm
with lengths exceeding 250cm - 2 sections being as how gold adapter bolted connections with chrysalis screws (linked profiles on route to allow sliding loom large fabric) connector is not visible
Roller hooks or clips every 10 cm above and beyond the harmless length of the blind rod
the length of the cover oar 120cm to 220cm 2 complete brackets with a certain length of 11cm
the length of the curtain paddle 221cm on route to 400cm 3 bring to completion brackets together with a certain length of 11cm
the length of the blind steering oar 401cm, 4 brackets eke out together with accurate length of 11cm
2 end
screws and dowels
1 connector on route to the length of the iron awning rod above and beyond 250cm
Additional Information:

Ordering curtain covers the by-end of accurate length of 2.5 mm x 2 pcs.
minimum overpass from the wall canopy rail that should abide larboard against the available images and inserting the hook by-end of the slicker is 7 mm.
bracket Mickey Mouse is mounted upon bipartisan pins, bolts 8mm x 5mm x 60mm
Curtain is performed whereupon certain particular dimension of the interest specified at the alternative against select the length of the amount length, which is good being as how your size.
Example, the length of 450cm, if you want against 422cm length canopy stiff en route to be deducted from 450cm length 422cm, and on that occasion select the resulting French leave by the value of 28cm.
Installation find out Assembler awning