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Oxford University Press Renames Dutch-Paris Book

(Diese Seite ist nicht in Deutschen noch übersetzt worden.)

The Oxford University Press has tentatively set March, 2018 as the publication date for the first book to fully explore the rescue work of the Dutch-Paris Escape Line.  Originally titled Ordinary Heroes: The Dutch-Paris Escape Line, Oxford University Press has renamed the book The Escape Line: How Ordinary Heroes of the Dutch-Paris Escape Line Resisted the Nazi Occupation of Western Europe.

Originally published by the Boom Publishing Company last November as Ordinary Heroes, the book is in its second printing in the Netherlands.  This is the second book on WW II history written by Megan Koreman, Ph.D.  Her first work The Expectation of Justice: France 1944-1946 was published by the Duke University Press in 1999.

The Escape Line documents a history that has remained, to this date, hidden due to restrictions on access to WW II documents in European archives.  These documents reveal how escaping Jews, Allied servicemen and others were hidden, clothed, and provided with documents essential to their escape by the over 300 ordinary citizens who made up the Dutch-Paris escape line.

Dr. Koreman’s new book is based on eight years of research at 31 European and U.S. archives.