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Discovering Dutch-Paris History

(Diese Seite ist nicht in Deutschen noch übersetzt worden.)

If you are interested in historical research and how history is “discovered”, you can follow Megan Koreman, Ph.D. as she searches European archives for information on the Dutch-Paris Escape Line.
Dr. Koreman’s blog-  http://www.dutchparisblog.com- shows you what it is like to unearth records, some of which have not been previously seen, that are contained in a variety of European archives.

On April 13, Dr. Koreman reports that “the Dutch Red Cross archive is simply amazing.  It is like walking into Ali Baba’s cave.  They have files on over half the people on the Dutch-Paris list who were arrested in France or Belgium.  The place would be overrun by Americans if only more Americans could read Dutch”.

For more “research reports” and for a sampling of Dr. Koreman’s writing style, simply go to www.dutchparisblog.com.